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Kim Kalman - Founder of HiTech USA

Kim Kalman

Sales Representative

After 3 professional mold remediations and purchasing multiple expensive air purifiers. she still could not live in her home. She walked away and left everything behind. After years of struggling with compromised health due to environmental toxins, she was introduced to HiTech Air Solutions. It was her first step in regaining her health. Now she could recover and that she did.

Kim's passion is to help as many folks as she can nationwide and beyond. She created this website to help others take control of their indoor environment. Everyday she helps mom's, coaches, business owners, and countless others take back their homes, schools and businesses with HiTech.


Christine Knapp-Phillips

RN, MSN, FNP, CBT, Sales Representative

A Nurse for 25 years (18 as a FNP) with a background in Oncology led her to explore natural healing and the impact of environmental toxins on one's health. Her health was compromised from working and residing in a water damaged building. It wasn't until she utilized the HiTech Air Reactor that she was able to go from horizontal to vertical.

Christine's medical and clinical background coupled with her personal health challenges bring a wealth of knowledge to HiTech. Christine understands the impact that environmental toxins have on the body and is able to equip, educate and empower you to address your environmental situation.


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