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Over 95% reduction in infection rates at Oklahoma State University
Using the hiTech Air reactor

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cutting edge technology

Destroy Contaminants on Surfaces

Ringworm, MRSA, Staph, Herpes, Impetigo, Mold, Mycotoxins, Respiratory Infections, Bacteria, Viruses, Formaldehyde, Allergens, VOC's, Odors

Decontaminate Personal Belongings

Mats, walls, lockers, equipment, towels, clothing, etc.

Destroy Airborne Contaminants

Ringworm, MRSA, Staph, Herpes, Impetigo, Mold, Mycotoxins, Respiratory Infections, Bacteria, Viruses, Formaldehyde, Allergens, VOC's, Odors

No Ozone or harmful byproducts

Rest assured, our machine only produces 99.99% clean air.

hitech air reactor

how it works

Model 110

Model 110 Inside

Destroy Contaminants at the molecular level

air and Surface Decontamination

Keeping your facility clean is no match for the HiTech Air Reactor.  The HiTech Air Reactor is the only machine proven to destroy contaminants 10 feet away. Typical air purifiers collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply and be released back into the air you are breathing.  HiTech’s cutting edge technology destroys air and surface contaminants. 

Clinton HS

Kenny Stringer

Principal/Wrestling Coach

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HiTech Air Reactor Models

Air and Surface Decontamination

Model 101

Commercial and Residential Use

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

(14″ x 15″ x 7″)

1500 s.f. or less

(based on 8′ ceiling height) 

Download Owners Manual


Shipping $50.00

Model 110

Model 110

Commercial and Residential Use

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Portable Unit On Wheels

(40″ x 21″ x 27″)

5000 s.f. or less

(based on 8′ ceiling height)

Download Owners Manual


Shipping $350.00+

Healthy Surroundings Allow for Healthy Athletes and Healthy Spectators

As an athlete and sports fan, you understand that germs and odors are common in Athletic facilities. Odor’s in the air and contaminants on surfaces contribute to poor indoor air quality. Clean, indoor air begins with a purification system to address both air and surfaces.   The innovative design of the HiTech Air Reactor is changing the way indoor environments are being addressed by expanding to surfaces and not just air. The HiTech Air Reactor destroys ringworm (fungus), viruses (herpes, corona), bacteria (MRSA), and mold that are on surfaces and in the air. This modern approach to air purification in Athletic facilities is no longer just about air, but now encompasses the surfaces of mats, benches, lockers, equipment, towels and more.   Gyms and Athletic facilities equipped with HiTech Air Reactors protect athletes and spectators from pollution-related airborne infections, skin to skin contact issues, allergies, VOC’s and odors without producing ozone or other dangerous by-products.   Destroying airborne and surface pollutants produces the highest level of Indoor Air Decontamination System available today. HiTech Air Solutions understands the importance of being in a healthy indoor environment and offers specialized indoor purification through air and surface decontamination. Get started today.


“Best thing we have EVER come across to keep our wrestling room clean."
John Smith
Oklahoma State University
"Greatest thing I have seen to keep my wrestlers healthy and on the mat."
Shaun Finch
Wrestling Coach

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