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"They said they were going to have to cut the mold out...we didn't have to do that because we put the HiTech in there and each day the mold got less and less."
-The Pillings-

The Pillings

Flood Victims

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cutting edge technology

Destroy Contaminants on Surfaces

Mold, Mycotoxins, Respiratory Infections, Bacteria, Viruses, Formaldehyde, Allergens, VOC's, Odors

Decontaminate Personal Belongings

Furniture, mattresses, bedding, clothing, electronics, etc.

Destroy Airborne Contaminants

Mold, Mycotoxins, Respiratory Infections, Bacteria, Viruses, Formaldehyde, Allergens, VOC's, Odors

No Ozone or harmful byproducts

Rest assured, our machine only produces 99.99% clean air.

hitech air reactor

how it works

Model 110

Model 110 Inside

Destroy Contaminants at the molecular level

In the air and on surfaces

The HiTech Air Reactor is the only machine proven to destroy contaminants in petri dishes 12 feet away. Typical air purifiers collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply and be released back into the air you are breathing. HiTech’s cutting edge technology destroys contaminants at the molecular level in the air and on surfaces. 

Dick Lee

Indoor Environmental Hygienist

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“Mold had gotten to the stage where you had visible colony flowering units. Walls were fuzzy in the closet. When I went back at the 3 month checkup, those colony units were completly eradicated."

HiTech Air Reactor Models

Air and Surface Decontamination

Model 101

Commercial and Residential Use

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

(14″ x 15″ x 7″)

1500 s.f. or less

(based on 8′ ceiling height) 

Download Owners Manual


Shipping $50.00

Model 110

Model 110

Commercial and Residential Use

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Portable Unit On Wheels

(40″ x 21″ x 27″)

5000 s.f. or less

(based on 8′ ceiling height)

Download Owners Manual


Shipping $350.00+

HiTech Air Reactor Products

There are numerous air filter and purification products on the market today. Not all are created equal since most only address air contaminants. HiTech Air Solutions Air Reactors do more than just purify the air. Utilizing photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) technology, the Air Reactor destroys air, surface contaminants, and personal belongings.   HiTech Air Advanced technology is beyond any standard PCO, HEPA, Carbon, Ionization, Ozone or Air filtering system. Viruses, bacteria, mold, mycotoxins, VOC’s, and formaldehyde are common contaminants in a building, existing both in the air and on every surface. HiTech Air Reactors address both air and surface contaminants. When you address the surfaces AND air, you are purifying and decontaminating on a whole new level. HiTech Air Reactor Purification Equipment can be utilized in homes, offices, gyms, schools, medical clinics, animal facilities, vehicles and more. The 101 model is portable and practical, commonly used in residential, vehicles, and smaller settings. The 110 model is a larger unit designed for both commercial and residential settings. Custom in-duct units are designed to retro-fit into an existing HVAC system in both residential and commercial settings. The various models allow for any indoor space or personal item to be addressed for decontamination and purification purposes. Improve your indoor environment with the latest in purification. Our team will work with you to determine the appropriate model(s) for your application based upon the cubic feet of air, the layout of your structure, and the level of contamination in your building. Get started today.


"We had a lot of water damage and mold. A lot of our employees were getting sick. The restoration company was in here replacing ceiling tiles and patching the roof but there was still a problem with the mold. That was all mitigated by the HiTech Air Reactor. I've never seen anything like it."
Chris Colley
Yellow Rose Dinner Theatre
“The basement of our church had flooded twice. The carpet was saturated both times. We put a HiTech Air Reactor in the basement for two weeks. After the two weeks, the smell was completely gone and those that had a tough time breathing could breathe easily and there was no longer a moldy smell."
Hopefield Church
Moundridge, KS

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