John Smith

Wrestling Coach/Oklahoma State University

The Hi-Tech Air Reactor is the best thing we have EVER come across to keep our wrestling room clean”

Kenny D Stringer

Principal/Wrestling Coach

Clinton High School – Clinton, OK

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Hi-Tech Air Solutions to you and your program. We purchased an air reactor for our wrestling program in November and the results have been amazing. As a coach and participant in the great sport of wrestling for over 40 years this is the best product on the market.

Since installing the air reactor, we have zero skin issues this season. The best part is the odor in our wrestling room has totally changed. When you walk into the room the stale odor is no longer there and you do not have the smell of wrestling room on your clothing. I called ranking matches for our high school over Thanksgiving break and after two hours when I returned home, my wife asked if I even called ranking matches? My response was I did for two hours and she said, “wow, I can’t even tell you had been at the wrestling room.”

I would highly recommend getting an air reactor for your room. If you are serious about helping your program and improving the overall health conditions in the wrestling room this is the product you need.”

Shaun Finch

Wrestling Coach

“Greatest thing I have seen to keep my wrestlers healthy and on the mat.”

Tanner Harris

Head Wrestling Coach/Blanchard HS

They go in our wrestling rooms and kill staph, ringworms any kind of communicable diseases not only in the air but also in our mats. They’ve cut our disease issues by eighty to ninety percent. The parents are extremely happy with these machines because not only are they cutting down on communicable diseases for their kids and allowing them to practice, stay on the mats, continue to improve and get ready for the state championship, but they are also breathing cleaner air which is making them healthier.”

Carmen Conklin

Rustic Hollow Animal Shelter/Nashua, IA

We’ve recently built a new building where we care for special need animals only and we have cats with feline leukemia, FIV building, cats with chronical medical, physical and neurological issues. It is very important for us to have a virus free and a clean building and air. We recently built this new building and moved the cats in July of last year we were having a great deal of difficulty with air quality, viruses continually upper respiratory going through the same building that we don’t have problems in our other buildings, mold in the windows that were new near the laundry. We were contacted and found out about the air scrubber. This air scrubber that I’ve been looking for had a lot of quotes for 17,000 or more and this one was feasible, reasonably enough that we could purchase one. We’ve had this for some months now and we are very pleased with it. It’s given us like 80 to 85% virus free atmosphere. We do not have a problem, there is no more mold the air quality is so much better and it’s something that we would recommend for shelters and animal shelters and particularly our special needs where it is important to have them controlled. I also discovered that it takes a great deal of the odor out of the building, it is very efficient with that after we had everything cleaned up this building is odor free.”

Denise Rappaport

Halo House Animal Resort

Franklinville, South Jersey

We’ve had the machines in our place for about six months now. We are extremely satisfied with them. They are easy enough to maintain. We’ve always had a clean place using disinfectants and deodorants but one comment from one of the employees was if a dog poops in the room we know exactly where it is because the air is that clean now; no odors whatsoever, it really smells nice. People coming on tours come with the expectations that it will smell like a kennel in their minds and most of comment how it really doesn’t smell; it’s a nice feeling. So, it makes them feel more comfortable about leaving their pets with us of course. I wouldn’t have any other way. I think is very beneficial for anybody who has a kennel resort. Just for the health reasons to have it and for your own piece of mind that it will cut down quite a bit on any pathogens that will be introduced in your establishments.”

Bill and Ruth Pillings

Midwest City, OK

We are Bill and Ruth Pillings from Oklahoma City. The 28th of May when we had the flood I guess about three in the morning, I get up to use the bathroom and I was walking in water so that was it. Then of course we both got up and we couldn’t believe it. We looked outside, man there was water everywhere. We didn’t realize how dangerous it was you know because we didn’t know about stuff like that like mold. One room in there, that old bedroom had mold about that high on the wall. When they came out here to take the rug out, they said they are going to have to cut our house at least that high to get the entire mold out. He put a machine in here and said, you got moisture all the way up in here and all has to come out of there and I said there is no way you are going to do that. Well we didn’t have to do that because we put the machine in there and that got rid of the entire mold. Each day was getting less and less and less. We keep checking around, I keep looking in the closet. Can’t find anything nowhere. They did three tests and they came back clean; third one was perfect 00. That was that machine did.”

Janie & Clarence Robison

Oklahoma City, OK

Hi, I am Clarence and this is my wife Janie we live in Oklahoma City. We’ve had the Hi-Tech Air Reactor now for about two weeks and we have noticed a remarkable change in what our atmosphere is in the house as far as air quality. The dust level is down, I am breathing better, sleeping better at night, and it is just nice to breathe good clean air for a change. I have had no headaches; before I would have headaches that sometimes they would last as long as a month so everything that just makes me happy because headaches are not very comfortable. I don’t have to dust like I used to have to dust; it has taken care a lot of the dust. I’ve had headaches too and I haven’t had any since we’ve had the machine.”

Dale H.

Moundridge, KS

We purchased a machine and had it running for about a month. We are foster parents and one of our boys at the time had very bad allergies. One day out of the clear blue he popped up and said, “I can breathe so much easier since you put that machine in the house.”

David Deskin

Lexington, OK

We live in a rent house that has a mold issue; my wife suffers from migraine headaches due to the mold. We purchased an Air Reactor and the changes have been amazing. After just a few weeks we started noticing that the mold smell was giving away. My wife’s migraines are becoming fewer and fewer we also have noticed that we are sleeping better and not waking up with stopped up noses. The Air Reactor has been answer to a lot of prayers.”


Raleigh, NC

Since using the Hi-Tech Air reactor for about 2 -3 weeks the baby’s cough and sneezing has stopped, sleep is better etc.”

Donna Deskin

Lexington, OK

Not using an inhaler twice a day sounded way too good to be true. I had lived this way every day for 10 years since being diagnosed with sarcoidosis and asthma. But after the air test results showed my home was aggravating my condition, I was willing to purchase an Air Reactor. The information about the Air Reactor gave me hope that I could have a better quality of life. The machine has now been in my home for a year and the improvement in my health is amazing. Daily use of an inhaler is a thing of the past. And for the first time in years, I made it through allergy season in Oklahoma with no sinus issues or bronchitis. My breathing was improved so much that I don’t want to be away from the Air Reactor.”

Douglas M.

Wichita, KS

We bought a house about two years ago. We were told the former owners had pets and smoked in the house but that they had put new carpet in the whole house and cleaned the house very thoroughly thinking that doing this would take care of the odors. We didn’t really notice any seriously unpleasant odors when looking at the house but not long after living there we started noticing a “bad smell”. We had been told about the Hi-Tech Air machine and tried it out. We no longer have any bad smells on the main floor of the house where the air machine is. Very impressed with the job the air machine has done so far.” 

Emery F.

Moundridge, KS

We recently purchased a used leather coach for a rental house. The owner’s dogs had some accidents on the furniture so we decided to purchase it and get the furniture cleaned up. When we put it in the rental I cleaned the furniture thoroughly, scrubbing every inch of it. The next day the whole house was saturated with a strong dog smell to the point of it being hard to breathe and making me sick to the stomach. I put the Hi-Tech Air machine in the room that the furniture was in and in two days the smell was completely gone. In fact, it smelled better in the house than it ever has. I was amazed!”


Port Saint Lucie, FL

I was very ill from mold after having windows installed and finding rotten wood under a glass block window. I purchased a Model #110 Air Reactor and ran it in my home and was able to reenter without sickness after only 17 days.”

Gary Bonner

Lexington, OK

Our first experience with Hi-Tech Air Solutions was in July of 2014. Coming back from vacation for seven days and realizing that our freezer door had been left open, the house had a stench of rotting meat. We had dried blood running under our garage door and on to the drive way. I personally never thought the smell would ever come out of the house. Then I was introduced to Jason.  He brought in a large machine and ran it for about a week. I was so surprised when the smell was all gone. We also had an air test done before he started the large unit. I had no idea our house had mold in it. We do live in a house in the country and keep a clean house. We have no pets and it’s just me and my wife. She has allergies and a sensitive nose. We now keep our very own unit in our bedroom and let it work its magic. With clean air all through the house, we feel so much better. I thought that the smell might come back after a rain or a lot of humidity, but we never smell anything ever at all. We are sold on this amazing machine. I would recommend it for anyone with allergies, mold, or any other issues that smell. With what it has done for my wife and what it has done for our house, we love it. I personally think after researching this unit that Hi-Tech Air Solutions has a new science that has never been done.”  


Redmond, OR

“My wife and I have been using the Hi-Tech Air Reactor 2 years now and neither one of us have had so much as a cold in that time. Before we purchased the machine we both came down with several illnesses each year such as colds or flu. I would recommend this to everyone.”

Hopefield Church

Moundridge, KS

The basement of our Church had flooded twice in a matter of a few weeks from a water leak. The carpet was saturated both times and we had to get a carpet machine to suck up all the water. We put a Hi-Tech Air Machine in the basement for two weeks. After the two weeks, the smell was completely gone and those that had a tough time breathing could breathe easily and there was no longer a moldy smell.”


Camas, WA

“I had seen the company’s independent mycotoxin testing that showed it eradicated mycotoxins but I decided to verify with my own independent environmental mycotoxin testing of my own home. The environmental mycotoxins testing I had done through Real Time Labs showed that my Hi-Tech Air Machine eliminated the trichothecene that had been produced from Stachybotrys in my home.”

Randall D.

We rented a house for our son and family that had a very bad mold problem in the basement. The smell was very strong and it was hard to breathe the air. We put an Air Machine in the basement and within 3-4 days noticed a huge improvement. Within a week, the smell was completely gone.”


Dallas, TX

I just wanted to drop you a note and say, I won’t be needing the money back guarantee. I’ll never go without having this machine up and running in my home forevermore if I have any say about it! I’m so pleased! God Bless You for caring enough to help us by bringing to market such an amazing machine. I have 2 IQ Air machines that are basically $900 paper weights compared to this one tiny box of yours.”

Wayne Van Burger

Coquille, OR

“When, I was first approached about purchasing a Hi-Tech air machine I was skeptical about its capabilities. After doing some research and because the guarantee was so good I decided to purchase the Model #101 for my home. I have now owned the machine for 1 1/2 yrs. and consider it one of the best investments I’ve made regarding me and my families’ health. We have benefited from it in so many ways. Personally, I was using a C-PAP machine every night for breathing and now I no longer have to use that machine.”


San Rafael ,CA

“I have an IQ Air and Austin Air sitting in my garage doing nothing, lol. Oh the hepa filter days, they are good for passive air but in my experience did not break down the mold and mycotoxin issue like Hi Tech.”

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