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Mitigating COVID-19 with the Air Reactor

Corona Virus Covid-19 Decontamination Product

COVID-19 Decontamination Products

In a recent controlled clinical study, with a nationally accredited lab, the Air Reactor from HiTech Air Solutions destroyed 90% of the Coronavirus in one hour. The HiTech Air Reactor device has been shown to destroy both airborne and surface contaminants, with no ozone or other harmful byproducts.  In these unprecedented times, it is vital to bring everything we can into the fight against COVID-19.  The HiTech Air Reactor is the only machine proven to destroy contaminants in petri dishes from up to 10 feet away, so it was a natural fit to pursue this line of testing. Air Reactor In the clinical study, two distances from the Air Reactor device were evaluated:  1 foot away and 10 feet away from the device.  The purpose of the study was to determine the virucidal efficacy of The Air Reactor Device against Human Coronavirus, Strain 229E, ATCC VR-740 at these distances. Taking cytotoxicity and neutralization control results into consideration, the evaluated test device demonstrated a 1.00 Log10 reduction in viral titer (90.0%) at the 1 ft distance assayed and 0.75 Log10 reduction in viral titer (82.21%) at the 10 ft distance assayed. With this news, the Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology behind the Air Reactor is more important than ever.

Coronavirus Contamination Purification System

The Air Reactor from HiTech Air Solutions works by producing OH molecules through PCO.  The difference, however, between the Air Reactor and other such devices is that the OH molecules produced by it last MUCH longer than ordinary OH molecules.  The Air Reactor releases these stable “super” OH molecules into the air, where they proceed with a “search and destroy mission” to destroy contaminants both in the air and on all surfaces.  Destroying contaminants that are airborne is certainly beneficial, but it is the ability of the Air Reactor to destroy surface contaminants that makes it so important when incorporated into the fight against Coronavirus. Surface contaminants continue to proliferate and can serve as an ongoing source for new airborne contaminants. COVID-19 Decontamination Products The key with the Air Reactor from HiTech Air Solutions is that the contaminant does not have to pass through the machine to be destroyed.  The most typical air purifiers collect contaminants and pollutants on filters, where they can often multiply and even be released back into the air that you are breathing.  With the Air Reactor, there is no such concern. In addition to these promising findings on the use of the Air Reactor with Coronavirus, the device effectively destroys a variety of contaminants at the molecular level, both in the air and on surfaces.  The contaminants include mold, formaldehyde, mycotoxins, allergens, other viruses, VOC’s, bacteria, and odors. The Air Reactor provides not just air purification, but true air and surface decontamination.  Combined with the result of the clinical study toward Coronavirus, there has never been a better time to contact HiTech Air Solutions for a free custom quote. Get in touch with HiTech today and be well on the way to finding the Air Reactor model that fits your needs

Covid-19 Decontamination Products: Timely Protection

With the rapid and alarming spread of Covid-19 across the world, many of us are locked down inside our homes. The need to keep our indoor environments free from pollutants and contamination has become more important than ever.   Research shows that the Coronavirus can remain on a surface for different periods of time, depending on the material of the surface. Therefore, it is important to utilize Covid-19 decontamination products to prevent the spread of the virus. Covid-19 Decontamination systems are available for residential implementation, which destroy Covid-19 within a definite period.     HiTech Air Solutions has rigorously tested their Air Reactor and results have been encouraging.  The Air Reactor destroyed more than 82% of the coronavirus on a surface at a distance of 10 feet and 90% at a distance of 1 foot. Get in touch with HiTech today to find out more about an effective Covid-19 Decontamination System for your residential application.

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